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QIUI Smart Beat Pat

  • $145.00
  • $149.00
QIUI Smart Spank Paddle

Traditional floggers, slappers and whips can be boring. Introducing the QIUI Smart Beat Pat, a spanking paddle integrated with E-stim shock.

Product Feature:
The QIUI Smart Beat Pat has a pressure activate module that releases electric shock when a spank is delivered. The harder the spank, the stronger the intensity of the electric shock. 

Adjust the electric shock intensity easily with the QIUI app. There is a intensity level suitable for everyone, from beginner to expert E-stim players. 

All your spanks data are recorded in the QIUI app. The number of spanks and the pressure of each spank are all logged. You can also choose to upload these data to the QIUI community to share your results with other QIUI users. 

What's included in the package:
-1 Beat Pat
-1 Charging Cable