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Little Devil Shock Collar

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QIUI Little Devil Shock Collar

"A Submissive Should Always Know Its Position". Qiui's little devil shock collar is specially designed for this purpose. This shock collar has multiple play modes that are made to provide position/posture training to your submissive and delivers safe to human electrical shocks to serve as a form of corrective action. 

Product Features:

1. Multiple Play Modes: 
I) Crawling Mode - Utilizes the level detector that comes in the shock collar, users are able to define a height limit at which the wearer must not exceed. Once the wearer exceeds this height limit, an electrical shock will be delivered. (The strength of the shock can be adjusted to personal preference from mild to strong, the sensitivity of the level detector can also be adjusted within the app)

II) Grounding Mode - Utilizes the internal gyroscope to allow the user to define a radius for the wearer to move within, if the wearer moves out of this range, an electrical shock will be delivered. (The strength of the shock can be adjusted to personal preference from mild to strong, the sensitivity of the gyroscope can also be adjusted within the app)

III) Free Mode - Allows the user to deliver an electrical shock by pressing the button within the app. The strength and intensity of the shock can be adjusted within the app.

 2. Long-distance Play
This product is suitable for partners that are far apart from each other as it can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth and the QIUI app 

3. Safe PPS Electrical Shocks
The electrical shocks that are delivered with this shock collar are Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) electrical currents. The maximum current that can be delivered is not more than 10mA. These limits are well within the safety threshold for our human body. 

4. Shock Counter
Keep track of the number of shocks delivered to the wearer within the app. Every time a shock is delivered, the counter will go up by 1. 

5. Long hours of continuous play
The rechargeable battery is built in the collar and can be charged via the micro USB port. Each full charge will give 4-5 hours of continuous play. 

What is inside the package?
-1 little devil shock collar
-1 attachable level detector (attached to collar by the Micro USB port)
-1 Micro-USB charging cable
-1 Physical pad lock
-1 Physical pad lock key
-1 Product Manual

Product Materials
High-quality skin-safe silicone on the collar surface. Bronze alloy for the electrical conductive rivets that delivers the shock. A mixture of organic bioplastics and ABS polymers for other parts of the collar like buttons and other accessories.