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KeyPod by QIUI [Smart lockbox for key management]

  • $65.00
  • $79.00
The Key Pod is the perfect solution for keyholding management.

Keeping your chastity key in a safe place is one thing. With the ability to unlock it from any location, the KeyPod adds an extra dimension of power! Keyholders managing multiple keys from all over the world will not have to request for their subs to mail them their keys now.

This compact box and discreet KeyPod is designed to lock up to two standard keys (depending on the thickness of your keys) and can be controlled via the Qiui app. This allows you to create a safe distance between yourself and temptation for as long as you need.

-50mAH rechargeable battery
-Keeps a recorded log of all unlocking instances
-Pre-set unlock timer can be used if the keyholder is too busy to manage
-Portable and can be brought around discreetly
-Keep up to 2 keys locked (Depending on the thickness of each key)

*Note: This is a smart lockbox to keep your keys locked. No keys are provided with the purchase of the product.