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Luscious Furry Tail

  • $86.00
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Sevanda Luscious Furry Tail

A high-quality anal plug with furry tail attachments; fluffy tail, and ball tail. Perfect for your kinkiest play and to suit different types of cosplay.

The Tail
The fluffy tail is made of stringently selected real fox fur obtained from a whole piece of fur skin without combining multiple pieces of skin. The selection process includes ensuring each fur skin is at least 40cm in length and 13cm in width to produce the most luscious and furry tail, which looks aesthetically pleasing. The touch of the fur also needs to be silky and soft to pass the selection criteria. The fluffy tail can also serve as a multi-functional decorative accessory which can be hooked to a bag when used together with our clip holder attachment (included).

The Plug
The plug is crafted using pure zinc alloy, which is corrosion resistant and moderately weighted at 110grams. There are two types of plug designs; a rose-petal plug and a twirl-grooved plug. These plugs can be detached from the fluffy tail and swapped interchangeably to give the user a different sensation inside them. 

Included in the package:

  • 1 Plug (Rose-petal or Twirl-grooved, based on selection)
  • 1 Furry Tail Attachment (Furry Ball or Fluffy Tail, based on selection)
  • 1 Clip Holder Attachment 

Product Specification:

Item Size  Weight
Rose-petal Plug Max. length: 77mm/3in
Max. diameter: 23mm/0.9in
Twirl-grooved Plug Max. length: 77mm/3in
Max. diameter: 23mm/0.9in
Fluffy Tail Attachment Length: 38-42cm/14.9-16.5in -
Furry Ball Attachment Length: 12cm/4.7in -

Additional Product Information:
Product usage: Recommended to use with lubrication
Product storage: Keep in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid excess humidity

Product care: Do not wash directly under water. Clean with damp cloth and dust the fur gently. Comb the fur lightly with fingers to keep it neat. 

Other: Naturally occuring scent of the animal fur may be present. If necessary, place the product in a well ventilated space for 1-2 days or use a hairdryer with cold air setting to improve the scent. Shedding of fur is expected over time.