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Pear Flower Butt Plug

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QIUI Pear Flower Butt Plug

Completely dominate your submissive with QIUI's Pear Flower Butt Plug. Once his/her anal is plugged, the submissive will not be able to remove it until you unlock the butt plug using the App. 

Product Feature:

How does this product works? 
Insert the Pear Flower Butt Plug into the wearer's anus while it is in the closed position. Once inserted, push the metal locking mechanism towards the butt plug and the "Petals" of the butt plug will spread and widens up. Once the locking mechanism is engaged, it will stay locked and the butt plug will stay wide open in the wearer's anus. This widening will be sufficiently wide enough to prevent the wearer from pulling the plug out directly from his/her anus unless the anus is stretched even wider than the butt plug. 

Long-distance play
Perfect for long-distance play as the unlocking of the butt plug can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth and QIUI App. 

Available in Big and Small Sizes
2 different sizes to suit beginners or hardcore players

Emergency Unlock
Unlocking can also be performed in the event of an emergency with the use of a physical key provided in the package

Personalize Your Butt Plug
Accessories like fox tail and leash can be attached to the butt plug to personalize your experience

IPX7 waterproof rating
Able to use in the showers and bathe so that there is no excuses for removing the plug