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QIUI believes that a true chastity experience is one that does not allow the wearer to have any control over. Featuring the all-new black edition CELLMATE chastity cage by QIUI. Improved model from the original QIUI Bluetooth chastity cage. Size dimensions: Please scroll through the photos for the size measurements.

-Better fit (Short and Long model)
-Smoother edges (reduce chaffing from wearing for longer periods)-Better connectivity and quicker response with app
-Metal secure rings
-Unlocks via bluetooth on QIUI app (free for download on iOS and Andriod)
-Rated IPX7 waterproof; safe for taking showers/bathes
-Distance is no longer a factor in key holding, no physical keys needed to enjoy chastity. Authorize a keyholder from any part of the world to gain control over your cage.
-In-built time lock within app enforces greater discipline on the wearer, set the duration you wished to be locked (minutes, hours, days, months etc...), do note that once this time is set, the cage will not be able to unlock until the duration is reached.

What's inside the package?
-Cage body (the device itself)
-2 secure rings (different sizes)-Battery (one unit, installed within the cage body)
-User manual

-Cage body: Polycarbonate with neoprene surface finishing
-Secure rings: Steel metal

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    Battery within the device is non-rechargeable, the battery typically last between 8-12months, after which it has to be changed, you can contact us if you need to purchase the battery. The battery level can be monitored within the QIUI app, please start changing the battery when it reaches 10% battery level. 


    Due to the nature of the product related to personal hygiene, we will not be able to accepts returns or refund. However, if there is a manufacturing defect upon receipt of the product, please contact us within 7 days after receiving it and we will follow-up from there.


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